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Scout comments

On this page, all occurring scout comments can be found, with their meaning.
The scout always says something about the current skill level and a potential. He may mention a specialty (if he does not comment on this, it does not necessarily mean that the player has no specialty) and the allround skill level.

You can let your scout search for a specific or any type of player. Should you search for a specific player type (for example, search a midfielder), it is still not guaranteed that the scout proposes such a player. You just have a bigger chance of finding such a player. If you look for any type of player, you'll find a useful player more often. If you're looking for a specific player type, however, your chances of a top-player increases!
Remember: Especially if the scout has mentioned nothing but bad skills, you should test the player on those positions where these skills are not needed. Because behind not mentioned skills, a high potential could be hidden.

Current skill level
The scout mentions the current level for one of the player's skills. The mentioned skill is one of his three skills with the highest potential. If he is fully trained in this skill, it belongs to his best three skills. It could also be the subskill (the decimal point of the skill level) that is decisive.
1 This player has Skill level [Z] Skill [Y] at this point in his career.
2 Without any further training, this player will remain with Skill level [Z] Skill [Y].
3 Right now I would say his Skill [Y] capabilities are around the Skill level [Z] level.

Potential (max. achievable skill level)
The scout mentions the maximum achievable level of one skill. The mentioned skill is one of the player's three best potential skills.
1 Coach this player right and he'll reach his potential of Skill level [Z] Skill [Y] before you know it!
2 If he develops well, I would say this kid can emerge with Skill level [Z] Skill [Y] before joining the senior squad.
3 Given the chance to improve his Skill [Y] skills, this guy might well reach Skill level [Z] in that department.

Overall skills - allrounder
The theory that applies most often states the following: Depending on overall skills there is a certain amount of skill points. These are divided among the three skills with the best potential of the player. If we add up the skill points from the three best potential skills of the player, we obtain the distributable skill points.
Skill level - distributable skill points:
Poor - 9 to 12
Weak - 12 to 15
Inadequate - 15 to 18
Passable - 18 to 21
Solid - 21 to 24

1 I would say as an allrounder, he's Skill level [Z].
2 His overall abilities are Skill level [Z], in my opinion.
3 With his Skill level [Z] overall skills, this might be the player for us.

Specialty - None
1 I'm always looking for players with special traits, but there is nothing to report for this one.
2 This is a well-rounded player, but they don't bring any unique abilities to the team.
3 This is not one of those players who build their career around a single specialty, but they could still become an excellent all-round footballer.

Specialty - Head
1 He's a natural in the air, and he'll be able to use this edge both offensively and in defense.
2 The boy is taller than most his age, and he knows how to use that to his advantage. Count on him to do a decent header.
3 This player has got stature on the pitch - he'll develop into a nice head specialist.

Specialty - Powerful
1 This player is powerful for his age. With that large physique I'm sure he can get an advantage over his opponents when the going gets tough.
2 Still just a boy but with a powerful frame. We should ask his mother what she's been feeding him...
3 He has the physique of a grown man - it gives him a certain edge to be this powerful.

Specialty - Unpredictable
1 Well, what can I say? He keeps you guessing - he's an unpredictable player, if you know how to use him he might be of interest to you.
2 When you consider this player, don't forget that he has a wild streak - he's unpredictable, one part madman, one part genius...
3 The player is [specialtySkill], and I'm not sure we can do much about that - it's just his way.

Specialty - Technical
1 You can often see this guy doing beautiful moves in practice - it's one of his defining traits.
2 This player is technical, you can see that from a mile away. Consider that when you build the team.
3 It's hard to evaluate this player without mentioning his technical skills, he seems to have a natural love for the ball.

Specialty - Quick
1 This player is certainly quick, which is never a bad thing for a soccer player in this day and age.
2 He's a little speedball - always on the move, and faster than most. I hope he can learn to use that ability on the field...
3 This kind of player is useful, he is very quick, now all he needs to learn is to play soccer as well.

Specialty - Regainer
1 One thing I heard about this player is that he heals faster than most when he gets injured. Let's hope he never has to show that to us though...
2 This guy doesn't look like anything special, but at least the doctors tell us he has a good history of quick recovery when he's been injured.
3 There's good healing flesh on this player, I guess it's a genetic thing.

Specialty - Support
1 This young man always goes out of his way to help his friends, even if it means some extra work. It's an asset in life, but also on the pitch!
2 This boy has the makings of a great support player, someone who will not only do his own part, but help others shine as well.
3 I don’t want to sound like a whiny old git, but many youngsters of today are only in this game to get famous. This one is different. All he wants is for the team to excel!

Family relationship
Hattrick is a game of generations, where we take much pleasure from seeing our young prospects grow up and make their mark on the pitch. But their contribution does not always end there - some of those legends end up raising their own kids, children who may find their way to your organisation as well. With today’s release, we unveil family links in Hattrick - showing for every new player if they are related to other Hattrick characters. There is no in-game effect on being the brother or son of another player or staff member, but we think it is important to know where you have your roots.
1 Brother of [R].
2 Son of [R]
3 Grandson of [R].
4 Grandfather of [R].

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